Priority Pass: How Many Guests Can You Bring?

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Are you a frequent traveler who values comfort and convenience during your airport visits? If so, you’ve likely heard of Priority Pass, a membership program that provides access to airport lounges worldwide. While the benefits of Priority Pass are well-known, it’s crucial to understand the guest policy to make the most of your membership. In this article, we’ll dive into the details and answer the question: “Priority Pass, how many guests can you bring?”

What is Priority Pass?

Before we explore the guest policy, let’s first understand what Priority Pass is. Priority Pass is a membership program that grants access to over 1,300 airport lounges in more than 600 cities worldwide. With various membership types to choose from, Priority Pass offers travelers a comfortable and relaxing environment to unwind before their flights.

Guest Policy of Priority Pass

When it comes to bringing guests, Priority Pass has specific guidelines in place. The guest policy determines the number of guests you can bring with you to the lounge. However, it’s important to note that the guest allowances may vary depending on your membership type.

How Many Guests Can You Bring with Priority Pass?

The number of guests you can bring with your Priority Pass membership depends on the type of membership you hold. Let’s take a closer look at the guest allowances for each membership category:

1. Standard Membership

With a Standard Membership, you typically have the option to bring guests at an additional cost per visit. The specific number of guests allowed may vary depending on the lounge. It’s advisable to check the Priority Pass website or mobile app for detailed information on each lounge’s guest policy.

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2. Standard Plus Membership

The Standard Plus Membership offers a more generous guest allowance compared to the Standard Membership. Typically, this membership allows you to bring one free guest with you. Any additional guests may incur a fee per visit or have a discounted rate, depending on the lounge.

3. Prestige Membership

If you hold a Prestige Membership, you can usually bring an unlimited number of guests with you to the lounge at no additional cost. This membership is ideal for frequent travelers who often travel with companions or colleagues.

4. Select Membership

The Select Membership, often offered through certain financial institutions, also provides complimentary access for a certain number of guests. The guest policy is similar to the Prestige Membership, allowing you to bring an unlimited number of guests without incurring any additional fees.

5. Guest Priority Pass

Guest Priority Pass is a unique membership designed specifically for guests accompanying a primary member who holds a Prestige or Select Membership. This membership allows guests to enjoy lounge access even when traveling without the primary member, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.

6. Additional Considerations

While Priority Pass offers generous guest benefits, it’s essential to be aware of any restrictions or limitations that may apply. Some lounges may have capacity constraints, which could lead to limited access for guests during peak hours. Additionally, certain lounges may have specific guest policies that differ from the standard guidelines. Therefore, it’s always recommended to check the Priority Pass website or mobile app for up-to-date information on guest allowances for each lounge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Priority Pass Guest Policy

To further clarify any doubts you may have regarding the guest policy, let’s address some frequently asked questions:

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Can I bring children as guests?

Yes, children are generally allowed as guests. However, it’s important to note that some lounges may have age restrictions or specific policies for children. It’s advisable to review the guest policy for each lounge before your visit.

Can I bring guests to all Priority Pass lounges?

While Priority Pass offers access to a vast network of lounges, it’s worth mentioning that not all lounges may accept guests. Some lounges have restrictions in place, especially during busy periods. It’s recommended to check the Priority Pass website or mobile app for the guest policy of each specific lounge you plan to visit.

What happens if I exceed the guest limits?

If you exceed the guest limits set by your membership type or the specific lounge, additional charges may apply. It’s crucial to be mindful of the guest allowances to avoid any unexpected fees.

Are there any additional fees for bringing guests?

In some cases, there may be additional fees for bringing guests. The fees can vary depending on the lounge and your membership type. It’s advisable to review the guest policy for each lounge to determine if any charges apply.

Can I use my guest allowances for multiple visits?

Guest allowances typically apply per visit. If you plan to visit multiple lounges in one day or during a layover, the guest allowances will usually apply separately for each visit. Keep this in mind to plan accordingly and make the most of your guest benefits.


In conclusion, understanding the guest policy of Priority Pass is crucial for maximizing the benefits of your membership. The number of guests you can bring depends on your membership type, ranging from paid options to unlimited guest access. However, it’s essential to review the specific guest policy for each lounge you plan to visit, as restrictions and limitations may apply. By staying informed and taking advantage of the guest benefits, you can enhance your travel experience and enjoy the comfort and convenience that Priority Pass provides. So, next time you ask yourself, “Priority Pass, how many guests can you bring?” remember to consider your membership type and the specific guest policy of each lounge. Safe travels!

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